by Black Sea

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After 6 years we release a new album. Darkness, noise and caos stay inside. That's MERCURIAL, a lot of different feelings mixed in the same time.

It would be impossible to do without friends, partners, fans and family that support us all the time. Special thanks to Cristina Pagnoncelli (the artist responsive for the lettering and cover design), Jean Nascimento (who did our BLACK SEA LAGER), Vinicius Braganholo (you know how to push the REC button).


released April 14, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vinicius Braganholo at Nicos Studio, Curitiba/Brazil

Released by SINEWAVE Digital Label



all rights reserved


Black Sea Curitiba, Brazil

You can feel the darkness inside every wave of sound. You can drown and still more alive than before.


We're a five piece post-rock band from Curitiba, south Brazil.

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Track Name: Ouroboros
Hey, looking behind
tell me what you see
Ask me how do i feel
Have we felt this before?
A Crooked carousel
This is a burning time
Our past is not written in stones
It looks like smoke
Vicious serpent view
never reaching horizon
Kinetic moves
Too weak to dig,
too strong to forgive
Sunsets full
full of shame
We have lost
another day
Feeding by his
own rotting tail
Around, around, around and around.
we're spinning around.
Heal it
once again to kill it
We deserve to live it
Heal it
Forgive it
Track Name: Ghost gallow
Why am i here?
Kick of betray
Don't feel the ground
above the feet
Hanging in
profund absense
There is no more air
Now what do I have?
"My thought is me:
That's why I can't stop.
I exist because...
Because of my thoughts
And I can't
stop to think
I am, I exist
Why do I think?"
Sleep, Exist
Heavy and
It's not oxygen
It's Knots in my guts
dragging me down
He told me
To call it
Empty glasses
for empty bodies
With hands
full of soil
Bleeding nails
Tigheted throats
Please make a move

Hanging and waiting
until it ends
Hating and fading
Theres life in my veins
Choking and bleeding
Surviving or just living
I keep hanging
Track Name: Tabula rasa
I see the blood and the ink in the hands
I looked around and saw your white face
I catch the brushes and swatches to change it all
Because inside me I have the same white
It brings me new sources of intensity
Because in the end we have just
52 chances to make it happen
I choose the colors to paint my skin
And that's why I lead my own life
So don't judge me for where i came from
Leave that fake and comfort place
and bring the wheel to your hand
You can choose your own path
I prefer the death than live
My life based in cold canvas
With just blue and grey, in sadness
Track Name: Beneath the gaze
Silly dreams
and regrets
Destroyed they
are on the ground
Collecting failure
and brutal bruises
Healing wounds
wtih head up high

Time consumes
now and then
Anger, pain and sorrow
Swallow them all
Passing though the battles
Rise, fall, rise
Forgeting how to live
Sleep, eat, work

The King's metal
Rests beneath
all this gaze
Through the silence
of this heart
Broken words
in this hall
full of eyes

There is no more heat
beneath this shield
Drop the guns
and your hope
Friend or foe?
I dont know
Silent and cold
It shines
like pure gold
No sound
into the void
Track Name: The light cannot be seen
Travelling for miles and miles
Looking for something unreal
Would it fill this hole?
Would it warms my blood?

I'm lost and wandering
Breaking and searching
Where is my shinning truth
Finding strenght in pain

Over and over again

It changes so fast
Burning we move
No time to rest

We're planatery and chained
Praying to false gods
And forgotten words
Heartbreaks and black dust
Surrending to their lust
Clamant gloom and thoughts
With stones left behind
All written by someone
Someone i dont know
Destined for us all